Hello yes it is Fred

Yes I am still very hyper

I could be using this energy to wreak havoc on your wiki but no

I am channeling it into kindness

Can I have a medal


Dear Anne

You are fucking awesome 

Like really reall really fucking awesome

Fabi. Fabi Anne.

I don't even know where this is going

I did a similar thing for Red but that was mainly because we don't speak anymore so he can't ask me about it

So obviously I'm going to spam the activity after I publish this oOPS

Thank you for making me an admin I'm honoured and I now feel like I can make pages which is a shame for you

No what did I say to Red

Ah yes I apologised to Red for being stupid and then thanked him for being awesome so I will do that

I'm sorry I'm silly and annoying and immature but thank you so so much for putting up with me c: It means a lot to me, the fact that we speak like every day and I literally love you to pieces you are very important to me

No homo tho

You have helped me improve as a person which maybe doesn't make sense to you but it does to me and idk why but I know that if we didn't speak then I'd be really stupid and annoying and even more embarrassing than I already am and embarrassment is my least favourite emotion by a long shot so yeah

I also probably wouldn't have tumblr, and if I did, my blog would probably be called untitles and have a crappy default theme. So thank you on educating me on the ways of tumblr

I think my mam is switching off the internet *publish*

She didn't do it I'm back to sing your praises

You are so awesome and lovely and all that jazz and I'm not even doing this for a particular reason I just feel like you didn't kow how awesome you are right






I'm going to stop pressing enter

You're really really funny too okay I think she's switching it off oshit