On this page Anne lists her favorite stuff from The Latest Buzz. She still has to watch a lot of the episodes but has already watched half of season 2 and 3, and some episodes of season 1.


  • Wilder Gulliver Atticus Wilder
  • Amanda Pierce
  • Michael Theodor Davies


  • Wilder / Amanda
  • Noah / Rebecca
  • DJ / Mr. Shepherd


Season 1Edit

  • The First Issue
  • The Gala Issue
  • The School Dance Issue
  • The Parrot Issue

Season 2Edit

  • The Summer Bash Issue
  • The Parents Issue
  • The Halloween Issue
  • The Fake Out Issue
  • The Happy Holidays Issue
  • The Boys vs. Girls Issue
  • The Second Chances Issue

Season 3Edit

  • The Final Issue
  • The Back To School Issue
  • The Extreme Shakespeare Issue
  • The Buzz Club Issue
  • The Truth Hurts Issue
  • The Bully Issue
  • The Issue Issue
  • The Hip Hop Issue
  • The Meet The Wilders Issue


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