This is a page full of templates avabile to use for users. Please use these sparingly.


This template will tell everyone if you are online, offline, around, or busy.


To make the status change, you need to add a slash after 'Statustop', then choose online, offline, around, busy, or sleep.

  • Online Ledgreen = |online
  • Busy Ledorange = |busy
  • Around Ledblue = |around
  • Unknown Ledgray = nothing

Ban/Warning Templates

Chat Ban


The Chat Ban template is used when a user has been ignored the chat policies, and the warnings. The template is for all Chat Mods/Admins/Bureaucrats.

Editting/Blocking Ban


The Block template is used when a user has ignored, and disobeyed the Annesther wiki Polices. This template is for admins/bureaucrats.

Warning Templates

Template:OnlyWarning Template:FinalWarning

Those tempates are used when a user has vandelized/spammed/etc to a page. This is used by Admins/Bureaucrats.

Gallery Templates

These templates are used for telling users that a certain gallery is for that subject.

For Character galleries, use this template:



These other templates are use for other purposes.

Done, Not Done

These templates are often used for requests or for goals, like for example, a screenshot of Cat Valentine, if you have the screenshot done, use this template:

Template:Done 18px-Yes check svg Done

However, if it is not complete, then use this template:

Template:NotDone 18px-X mark svg Not Done